Tomoki Takaku

Tomoki Takaku

Born: September 7 Th , 1972
Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
Resides: Niseko, Hokkaido

Since the early '90s, Tomoki has been traveling all over the world as an "extreme freeride snowboarder.” Tomoki's ridden many international big mountains, including in places like Mongolia (highest peak at 4378 m), Siberia, and Alaska. Tomoki has had many tours along the steep Alaskan faces while attending glacier camps. You can find footage of Tomoki in Alaska on several of his videos.

Tomoki's office is located at the bottom of the Annupuri ski resort in Niseko, Japan. During the winter, this is where Tomoki owns, operates, and serves as one of the senior guides in the backcountry for "Powder Company Guides," established in 1999. There, Tomoki shares his international skills and experiences while teaching the basics of riding powder and the dangers of the backcountry. Tomoki is a sponsored team rider for The North Face and works together with The North Face on new product development. Tomoki released his signature model snowboard with GENTEMSTICK: the Gentemstick Tomoki Takaku pro-model boards "GT" and "Big Floater."

Tomoki runs the “Test Center” and Powder Company Guides in the Annupuri International Ski Area. For the summers, Tomoki started “SUP Niseko,” guiding by stand-up paddle boarding in the rivers and ocean around Niseko. Some of Tomoki's responsibilities include maintaining the ski slopes during the off-season, and environmental conservation of the forests.


Public Interest Incorporated Foundation - Japan Mountain Guides Association
Mountain Guide Stage, Ski Guide Stage 2
Wilderness First Aid 50 hours
CAA Level
Niseko Winter Guide Vice Chairman
Powder company corporation representative.

Career highlights:

2013 Established “SUP Niseko” – Guiding by Stand-up Paddle in rivers and the sea around Niseko
2012 Haines Alaska Camp
2010 Started guiding in Mt. Fuji
2008 Established Powder Company Guides Inc.
2007 Completed a tour in Valdez, Alaska for public subscription
2006 Released the GENTEMSTICK Tomoki Takaku pro-model board "GT"
2005 Started running the Shimano boots and binding Test Center in Niseko
        Camped in Routh Glaicer, Denali Alaska
2004 Camped in Pyka Glaicer, Denali Alaska
        Released the GENTEMSTICK Tomoki Takaku pro-model boards "Floater 168"
2003 Camped in Skoookum Glaicer in Alaska
2002 Longboard Classic (Placed 2nd)
2001 First ever drop off the north ridge of Furanodake (main chute)
2000 4th King of the Mountain Free Riding Contest (Placed 2nd)
1999 Established Powder Company Guide
        Competed King Of The Hill (Free Riding Contest in Alaska)
1995 Competed King Of The Hill (Free Riding Contest in Alaska)
1994 Siberia Helicopter Snowboarding
        Reach and slide on Khüiten Peak, the highest point in Mongolia


Gentemstick, K2, The North Face, K2, Smith, Coslab Wax, Industy, Sasurai, T-Tune, Bantak, Powder Company

Media Appearances:

No Reservation (Discovery Channel)
No matter board (Hokkaido TV)
Tokonatsu Girl (TV Tokyo)
Nobunaga (Nagoya Broadcast)
AURA (Pony Canyon)
Icon (ebis films)
Rawne (Upas film)
Car Danchi (1film)
Stove (Pint Production)

Pro Models:

GENTEMSTICK Tomoki Takaku pro model boards "GT" and "Floater 168"
INDUSTY Tomoki Takaku pro-model protector pants.


People from all over the world come to snowboard the famous deep powder of Niseko at theAnnupuri resort. Please come visit the Powder Company Guides and Test Center, where you can rent demo equipment and experience the most advanced and recent products while enjoying the safety of guided tours of the backcountry.

We promise once you get a taste of the powder in Niseko, there is no going back!

Tomoki Takaku