Photo session. Our professional photographer will take your picture while you ride in the WORLD'S BEST POWDER. | POWDER COMPANY GUIDES


Powder Snow, Powder Shots, Capture The Moments !

Our professional photographer will take your picture while you ride in the WORLD'S BEST POWDER.

The photo session is complimentary. We will view the slideshow of your photos at the Powder Company directly after your tour. You can choose your favorite shots or purchase a compilation of the entire day
The memories of your Powder session will last a lifetime!
Come and Get it !!


Inakage "Kage" Kazumichi

Born: 1974
Kage started living Niseko in 1997 and has been attracted powder in Niseko.
Kage was wondering how to create a life in Niseko and decided to dedicate his passion to shooting pictures.
After that, Kage traveled to Alaska, North America, South America and lived in a tent for eight seasons. Kage published a series of free magazine “ Snow Life” that featured Global Warming.
As pro-camera man, his pictures are on many ski and snowboarding magazines, he shoots sports pictures in the summer.
Kage’s career in Powder Company Guides started in 2006 as “Kage Photo Session” his photos resemble pictures in snowboard magazines.

Media Appearance:
Snowboard Magazine (U.S.A.), Fall Line, Diggin’ Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, Freerun, Snowstyle, Powder Ski, Ski Journal, Soul Slide, The Last Frontier, Spray, etc.

The North Face, Patagonia, Gentemstick, Vector Glide, K2, Hestra, Shimano, Smith Optics, Lost Arrow, Gregory, Mountain Surf Equipment, etc.

Junichiro Watanabe

Born: 1978
Junichiro Watanabe was born in Sapporo. He started snowboarding when he was in high school. Since then, he has been fascinated by snowboarding culture. After studying at the University of Alberta(Edmonton Canada), he started working as a journalist at Hokkaido Newspaper Press. There, he worked covering the national security and the law courts. During that time as a journalist, he also was involved with taking snowboarding and skateboarding photos. In the summer of 2015, he left the newspaper and moved to Niseko with his family to start a new career as a photographer.

magazines: Freerun, Transworld snowboarding Japan, Transworld skateboarding Japan

catalogs:Ride Snowboards, ROME SDS, Death Label, Union bindings,


We are professional photographer of ski and snowboard. We go back country tour together and take a photo of your riding.
You can have a good memory of Niseko. It dose not cost money to apply for photo session tour.
When you apply powder company tour, please tell staffs you would like to do photo session.


2Lsize print: 1,600yen/1print (You will receive photos within 2 weeks by mail. )
Original data: 3,000yen/each (sending by E-mail)
Compilation Package: 15,200Yen/Individual Shots, Group Shots & Scenery Photos

Payment Method:

Cash or Credit Card (Visa, Master, Amex)

If there is not photos you like, photo session fee is free. You check photos after the tour in powder company office. You make a payment of photos at there.

We are waiting for your participation in photo session tour.

Photo Session go like this. Check it out !!

Powder Company Guides - BC Hike Photo Session from POWDER COMPANY GUIDES on Vimeo.


We shoot movies during the trip,edit and burn it on a disk and mail it to you later.


powder company guide 2012/01/26 tour movie from tws1333 on Vimeo


per group 40,000yen~