Super End of Year Powder Sale!

Want to finish your season with a kaPOW?! We`ve got a mega-deal on cat skiing at Tomamu this Sunday. Normal Price is 42000 yen. This Saturday you can go for 29800!

Tomamu has been getting snow recently and there is some forecast for Thursday and Friday. Our experience in the backcountry over the last few days is that if you look in the right places then the untracked stuff is magic. If you want to get the goods at a great price then this Sunday is a great opportunity! Guided by Tomoki Takaku! Book now by ringing us on 0136 54 2820.


The Program


8: 20 The Tower Lobby briefing

8: 40 Departure for the CAT tour

9:10 Hakodake Mountain CAT Area Arrival Start of the morning gliding (3 runs)

12:00 Lunch (at the site)

13:00 More riding (3 runs)

15:40 End of riding (no tears please)

16:10 Transfer to hotel

17:00 After session photo / movie watching party @ The Tower

18: 00 After session end

※ After session is free participation. Photos and movies taken during the tour are on sale.



Experience the satisfaction of climbing up with your own strength and skiing or snowboarding the fresh powder snow. The tour consists of hiking up from the base of the mountain and skiing or snowboarding in a natural environment.

The POWDER COMPANY GUIDES will choose a course based on the ski level of the participating members and the condition of the snow on that day.


[DATE] 2017/01/09 (MON)

[LOCATION] Iwao-nuppuri, Chise-nuppuri, Niitto-nuppuri etc. (Depending on the participating members levels, lift access might be required.)

[NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS] Limited to 10 people.

[PRICE] ¥16,000 + Tax (price includes guide fees, insurance fee and a photo session)


[GUEST RIDER] Tomoki Takaku (The North Face athlete/snowboarder) Tetsu Kawaguchi (The North Face athlete/skier)



8:00 Meet @ POWDER COMPANY (transportation available)

8:30 14:00 BC Hike Tour

17:00 Tour Photo Slideshow @ THE NORTH FACE GRAVITY NISEKO

[EQUIPMENT NEEDED] Backcountry gear

(Beacon, Shovel, Probe, Backpack, Hiking Poles)

BC equipment rental is available

No backcountry experience needed.

As long as you can ski or snowboard confidently, the guides are there to help and will adjust the tour according to your experience and level.

For more information please talk to one of our staff.



【Contact information and Sign up information】


TEL 0136-54-2820








12/ 6

Hello everyone! Come on, let`s celebrate the beauty of winter Japanese style! What better way  to commune with nature than carving beautiful lines and gliding elegantly  on arguably the finest and most consistent powder snow in the world.  World famous snowboard gurus Taro Tamai  (Gentem) and Tomoki Takaku (Powder Company) will personally instruct you on freeriding and powder riding techniques so that you can competently and confidently cruise in the sublime alpine wonderland. Then afterwards enjoy the richness of your reward by dining on delectable local cuisine and sharing your glory with everybody at the after session photo/movie party!




In addition to the instructional clinic, Tomoki Takaku will guide guests on a peaceful walk around the Tomomu ski area. Also, you can relax in the soothing waters of the public bath and pool.  Or just enjoy the cafe and books in your free time.


The next day you put it all in practice on the CAT tour. Three runs in the morning and three in the afternoon. They will be some of the best of your life. In the middle we have a delicious lunch that is made by the hotel chef.


The fee is 55,000 yen per person for clinic, meal and lift ticket or 50,000 yen if you just want to join the tour on the 15th.


Accommodation fee is 34,300yen per (dual occupancy) room inc. breakfast and lift ticket.

(If you don`t want to stay there we can work around that, just let us know)


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------



To (14th): Niseko Departure 8: 00 ~ Chitose 10: 30 ~ Tomamu 12: 30

From (15th): Tomamu 18: 00 - Chitose 20: 00 - arrive in Niseko 22: 30


First day

13: 00 Riding clinic (about 2 hours planned)

15:00 Free session

18:00 Dinner (social gathering)


Second day

8: 20 The Tower Lobby briefing

(Guests staying in Risonare please use the shuttle bus in the departure area leaving at 8:10.)

8: 40 Departure for the CAT tour

9:10 Hakodake Mountain CAT Area Arrival Start of the morning gliding (3 plans)

12:00 Lunch (at the site)

13:00 More riding (3 plans)

15:40 End of riding (no tears please)

16:10 Transfer to hotel

17:00 After session photo / movie watching party @ The Tower

18: 00 After session end

※ After session is free participation. Photos and movies taken during the tour are on sale.


12/ 2

Hey Everyone,


We are opening the shop tommorrow at 9 am! Yes, 9am!


This year we have taken the momentous decision to take on more staff so we can open in the morning. The days of closing shop so that EVERYONE can go boarding are gone!


And, we are serving coffee! A good quality cup of the drip stuff. So if you want to just stop in for a quick cuppa in between powder turns then see you then. Its looking like its going to be a good day for boarding.


As usual we will be starting tune ups, demos (new Gentems not here yet), and sales of premium equipment.


Its game on, the season has really started now!




Our home ski reseort, Annupuri International Ski Resort Opened !!

We enjoy the fresh powder every day.


Powder Company Guides value “how we shred” rather than just “where we shred” when we guide. To enjoy shredding fully, it is important to choose the right board and get the right wax.

The more you shred with your board, the more you understand the board’s condition and how you want to draw the line on the white canvas.

Each guide has characteristic style of riding and favorite tune-up. We recommend you to tune up your boards - not just waxing.

There are many options, “Hot Waxing”, “Removing rust on edges”, “Dulling the edge”, “Snowsurf Tune-up”, etc. If you have specific order, we can help you, or give you some advice.

Tell us what you like…hitting the banks, smooth turns on groomers, speedy powder turns, etc. We will give you the tune up you need.

By tuning up your boards, you will definitely improve your snowboarding skill.

Please feel free to talk about your tune-up.


Here’s our menu:

Full Tune-up including…

Edge Dulling, Side-edge Tune-up, Sole Structure, Base Waxing, Top Waxing, Deck Waxing.   15,000 Yen

Base Waxing   2,700 Yen

Top Waxing    2,700 Yen

Edge Dulling   1,080 Yen

Removing Rust on Edge   1,080 Yen

Side Edge Tune-up   From 3,240 Yen~

Repairing the board   From 1,080 Yen~


At Powder Company Guides we use and recommend “COSLABO WAX”.


Powder Company Guides

e-mail: info@powcom.net

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The Powder Company Guides are Niseko's most experienced and safety-focused guiding company. Having well over 40 years combined experience and knowledge of the Niseko region.