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1. About Guided Tours

Q: Is it possible to join a tour alone?
A: Yes, you can join our tours by yourself. There are two options: private tours or mixed-group tours.

Q: I've never done backcountry before. Is it possible to join the BC tour?
A: Yes, you can, but you will need to go down difficult terrains like tree runs, deep powder runs, and steep lines as well. If you are not confident enough, you can make your tour private or otherwise we would recommend you join the Day Cruising Tour or the Basic Clinic Tour.

Q: I don't have BC gear. Can I rent BC gear?
A: Yes, you can. We rent beacons, shovels, probes, backpacks, poles and snowshoes. The price are at the DEMO Center.
- BC Lift Access Tour:
You will need to have a proper backpack, beacon, probe and shovel.
- BC Hike Tour:
You will need to have a proper backpack, beacon, probe, shovel, poles, and snowshoes/ski skins.

Q: I'm a skier. May I join the tour?
A: Yes, you may. Please bring your own ski, skins and ski boots that have walk-mode on them. If you are willing to use the ski skins, you need to be able to do kick-turns on the slope. Otherwise, we recommend you use snowshoes.

Q: Do we eat lunch during the tour?
A: No, we don't. Please bring your own snacks and drink.

Q: Where do we go on the BC Hike tour?
A: We, Powder Company Guides, decide where to go and hike up on the day of. In order to choose the best spot for the day, we consider snowfall, wind and sunshine by using our experienced knowledge.

Q: I'd like to join the Mt. Yotei Tour. May I?
A: If you have never joined our BC Hike Tour, please join the BC Hike Tour first, and we will check if you are able to hike and ski down Mt. Yotei. You will need to hike more than 3 hours and need advanced snowboarding/skiing skill to go down the mountain, so we require some skills before joining the Mt. Yotei tour.

About Booking

Q: How do I book a tour/lesson? Why can't I send the form?
A: Please make sure to fill out the booking form correctly. Booking will be processed from there.

Q: When do I need to book the tour?
A: Please book your tour as soon as you decide to join the tour. You need to complete your booking by 12 pm the day before you join the tour.

Q: I'd like to cancel the tour. How much is the cancellation fee?
A: The cancellation fees are as follows:
Cancellation Policy
From one week prior up until two days before the tour – 30%
Day before the tour prior to twelve o'clock – 50%
Day before the tour after twelve o'clock – No refund

Besides those questions, please make note of the following:

  1. Lift passes are not included in the tour fee.
  2. We will adjust the level of our guiding for guests with lower skill or who are lessphysically fit.
  3. Tours on weekends or public holidays cost an additional 1,000 yen.
  4. IIn cases where we cannot run the tour due to strong winds, not enough snowfall, etc..., we might change the itinerary. In those cases, you will need to pay the balance between the itineraries. Example: If the BC Lift Access Tour changes to the BC Hike Tour.
  5. These main guides are pro snowboarders and very experienced guides, so their services are offered at an extra guiding fee:
    - Tomoki Takaku +2,000 Yen
    - Makoto Yamada +1,000 Yen
    - Okada Osamu +1,000 Yen